ENTREMENTES from Azul Serra on Vimeo.

“San Francisco Dance Film Festival” 2012

“Dance Camera West Film Festival” 2012

Entre Mente (Into Minds), is a hybrid film that mix poetry with dance and movement.

The difference between a rigid mind that wants to control everything with absolute reason, absolute rule, the absolute certainty and a mind that is connected to the heart, that wants to be river, fount and flow and let the lightness of being become bearable in the presence of the soul.

These two opposite frequencies operates in our mind, and the film shows this duality trough the movements of the body. How to transform the control of our mind into freedom of our body and soul.


Produced by Pineal Art and Film Productions / Cria da Casa Gestão Cultural
Directed by Azul Serra
Performed by Jorge Garcia
Assistent: Irineu Nogueira
Poem and voice by Roberta Estrela D’Alva
poems: “Liberdade”, “Dura ação”
Sound Design by Tobias Kracochansky and André “Piruka” Ricardo
Effects and composing: Stanislav Scherbatykh
Production Design by Bianca Turner
GRUA Gentlemen de Rua by Jorge Garcia
extra voices: Amelia Prazak / Ana Prazak

Pineal Art and Film Productions, Pineal sua produtora em Londres, Pineal Film Production London, Film London, Filme Brasil Londres, Production Company London

“Into Minds”

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