If “emotion” had a physiognomy, how would it be?

Pineal is a production company that really believes in the power of aesthetics to break visceral boundaries and expand the ‘norm’ of visual dynamics.

Pineal  goes beyond the product. We seek to convey ideas and concepts to create powerful narratives that engage the audience. This is possible when you get into the essence of what you are exploring.

We strongly believe that throughout creative collaboration we can produce projects that communicate and affect people in a inspiring way. Each story demands different processes, objectives and resources. We adapt our structure to the particular needs of each project.

Our main goal is to promote and to communicate Art through Film and Multimedia formats.

Behind Pineal

Azul Serra:::: A Director of Photography who works in various types of projects, such as; drama, documentaries, music videos, corporate films, television, advertisements, theatre, installations and performances. Over the past years, he has also directed and edited several projects, and traveled to more than 25 countries such as Egypt and Libya covering News. Check more…

Bianca Turner :::: Art director, set designer and costume designer for films, theatre plays and street performances. From January 2010 is a designer of art exhibitions for the project ‘Braziliality’, – which promotes Brazilian artists in London and also foreign artists influenced by Brazilian culture and heritage. Bianca also develops her personal work as a multimedia artist in video installations and video performances. Check more…

Bettina Turner :::: Director and script writer for films and documentaries, Bettina founded Turner Imagem e Comunicação, a production company in 1994, and since then has been producing videos and documentaries all over Brasil. In 2012, she brought her experience, creativity and liability, into Pineal Brasil, representing and producing all of our Brazilian productions. http://turnercom.com.br

Collaborators :::: Claudia Shapira (script and dramaturgy), Tatiana Lohmann (director and editor), Tide Gugliano (motion graphics), NOISE STUDIO (sound design), ARTE BIEL (Graphic Design), INSTANT FILMS (Co-production for fiction), I MADE IT FILMS (Co-productions for fiction), PLAF (Co-production for documentaries), Felipe Acea (Strategic Planner), Raul Cilento (Marketing consultancy),  Vijay Chudasama (business consultancy).

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